Join the New York State Waterfall Coalition and help make a difference!

By joining the New York State Waterfall Coalition, you are supporting and taking part in a dedicated effort to help maintain trails and natural areas across New York state.

Proceeds are used for special projects like the Barberville Falls Proposal that would revitalize an amazing preserve by cleaning and upgrading the trails as well as placing measures to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the area.

Not only will proceeds support those types of projects, they will also create jobs, support education and the Arts, and assist private landowners in securing their property where waterfalls are present.

You will also find satisfaction in knowing we are a 100% independent organization with no ties to politics or special interests. Our only interest is the enjoyment of New York’s natural areas by all who visit.

We have three membership categories available. Please click on your preference for details.

Individual Membership
Starting at $55 this membership is perfect for the weekend hiker who loves visiting the waterfalls of New York and wants to find a way to directly aid in conservation efforts of these waterfalls.

Family Membership
Families of 4 or more can enjoy all the benefits of an Individual Membership starting at only $200. Purchasing multi-year memberships adds to your savings while making a greater positive impact on the waterfall areas all over New York State.

Business Sponsorship
Businesses looking to offset their environmental footprint and carbon footprint can join the NYSWC by donating financially or with good and services needed for up and coming cleanup projects. Contact us to learn how!