The New York Safe Waters Conservancy (NYSWC) was formed to work in partnership with existing public and private entities to improve and promote trail safety and cleanliness in areas where waterfalls are enjoyed. Our goal is to help provide and maintain safe and clean trails for use by the public by providing assistance to those who need it through grants and other means of funding . Whether it be a State Park with budget restrictions or a private citizen concerned about the safety of their property, NYSWC will be available to assist financially, with personnel, or both.

Additionally, NYSWC will provide/conduct the following:

  • Safety programs pertaining to waterfalls and natural areas
  • Safety enhancement (fencing, railing, signage, repair, and replacement)
  • Water quality testing
  • Promotion of “Leave No Trace” and “Carry in, Carry Out”
  • Environmental education programs
  • Trail cleanups
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Trail restoration or creation for areas containing at least one (1) waterfall
  • Recreational area (picnic) restoration, clean-up, or creation
  • Creation of volunteer programs and stewardships aimed at any of the topics included herein.
  • Hiring of full-time, part-time, temporary, or per diem staff to be used exclusively for safety and/or environmental education
  • Supplies and/or equipment to carry out tasks related to the topics included herein
  • Repair and recovery following natural disaster
  • School programs to promote environmental education
  • Scholarships for environmental studies
  • Scholarships for the Arts as they pertain to landscape and nature.

As part of our cleaner trails initiative, the NYSWC is proud to announce we will work with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoors Ethics to promote the Leave No Trace 7 principles and educate the public in outdoor ethics. A partnership with LNT has been made and in the future, it will be our goal to hold workshops and teach the 7 principles Leave No Trace.

As our first act, a proposal has been submitted to The Nature Conservancy for the restoration of the Barberville Falls Preserve in Poestenkill. This proposal can be found on our “Activities” page.

We are working toward building a legacy for future generations. Any positive action, no matter how small, has the power to affect millions.